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The power of LED 3528

Post Date:2015-10-19 05:01:17 Edited by:ENE lighted mirrors

Generally, lighted mirrors in the USA market installed with LED5050, but most of illuminated mirrors uk customers prefer LED 3528, because it's low power, low electricity consumption. LED is a kind of point source, unlike incandescent light bulbs. LED is a kind of energy-saving lamps on the market at present. At present, the extensive use of LED3528 is single 0.06 W power, its maximum brightness 7 lm can be done, we temporarily according to the ordinary do 6 lm calculation, if we want to use 60leds/m, its total brightness of 60 * 6 = 360 lm; the power is 60*0.06=3.6w, for household use, it is more appropriate, so illuminated mirrors uk customers like it.


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