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ENE LED lighted mirrors feature

1. Mirror:

5mm High quality cooper free mirror, made by TAIWAN GLASS. We process the mirror with advanced imported equipment, upon close inspection you will find the edging and finishing of our mirror to be perfect without any chips or knicks.

2. Sandblasting:

Each piece of ENE mirror is then sandblasted on an automated imported machine producing the smoothest and most even sandblasting quality. Each piece is then inspected on a lighted table to inspect for possible pinholes that can occur during the silvering process or sandblasting process. After the mirror has been cleaned and quality controlled, each piece is then protected with a protection wrap to prevent scratches from handling and installation.

3. LED and Driver.

We use high quality LED which is from Taiwan for our LED models. This will maximize the life of our product. For LED driver, we all use famous brand which is certificated, such as Meanwell for the USA.

4. Rear back box

It is made of steel powder coated white to a gloss finish, or Aluminium profile (6063 T5) with oxidization. High end finish not only feels refined when you touch it but also looks refined when compared to standard gloss finishes.

5. Hanging parts and Resin.

Using stainless steel parts to ensure the mirror will not rust internally as the hanging mechanism is cured with neutral resin. The resin has been strictly tested to ensure that the curing is strong enough to support the mirror weight.

6. If makeup, add a magnifying mirror.

Magnifying mirror can magnify things to 3* their actual size, perfect for shaving or applying makeup.

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